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Kotlin vs. Java

Some of my Friends says that KOTLIN is best for Android App Development but many of them says JAVA is Best Kotlin is new for Android developing but java is more powerful because it is older to Develope Java is more Popular in Many Companies because their old Employees know only the java but Companies like Google is going through the Kotlin Kotlin is More Better than Java But java has a huge Developers Community to make it more better to Develope Apps Kotlin is New So it must have more features and Easy to learn but java is more familiar with Android so it's more relevant Please Do me a Favour

6/20/2018 4:48:35 PM


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There is also Kotlin Native, that runs without VM. https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/native-overview.html


But Developers I think Kotlin is good because it must will get fame such as Java and it will also get Developers Community as Java has Please Do me a Favour


It's not really Java vs Kotlin, more like with Kotlin. Whilst Kotlin is much easier to write with and can be used anywhere that Java can, you can also still use Java along side it when you find something that can't be done in Kotlin. Then there's online support on forums, whilst there's much more help out there for Java, if you know both languages you can easily translate the Java solutions to Kotlin.


Dude , kotlin is based on java , so its an easier syntax language version of java. To learn it better i recommend to learn Java first. also google declared kotlin as official android backend development coding language last year . summary : learn basic java then move on to kotlin for easy flow.


Java is better as you are not forced to migrate to Kotlin. Java will be still there with Android. Kotlin is only a native language in Android Programming that should be used to do some works that is hard to implement in Java. I suggest you to use Java codes more than Kotlin in your next Android Project but use Kotlin whenever you feel the need of it.


language is just a tool for the development of an android apps Java and Kotlin both are the best but I would suggest you go with kotlin because kotlin demands will be increase in the market . On the other hand we are new programmer so we should choose new technologies not an older ones and also there is a tauff competition in the IT So chose what is best and new ..! Good luck 👍


learn and java and kotlin


kotlin is super slow but it is pretty easy but java is fast but hard when first learned so i prefer kotlin


Android is running in xml files , if you using java or kotlin it not have anything different for the user(client) , the difference is only for developer , and also kotlin running on JVM , i think java is better than kotlin ,,, thanks