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Hey, does a challenge make you lose xp?

6/20/2018 4:38:34 PM


13 Answers

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Icefield., I am toatally sàtistified by your views. Focus on Àñswérs Don't gét stressed by vírtuàl thiñgs-XPs



If you lose it can depending on the level of the opponent. Personally I would play them more often if this were not the case. I would like it to be winners got many points losers got points for right answers but no deductions.


sometime is all about gain more badge related to win challenges like epic badge etc.. once a time epic badge illegally gain through make fake profile.. now you consider why this xp crazy for all ☺ Icefield


Hey Scooby thanks for adding those threads I just learned it's not the level but the amount of XP the opponent has in that weapon that determines points. Still I would learn more if I didn't have to risk losing points.


Icefield I would like us all to play together and learn without fear of losing XP.


It you win a challenge, you get some XP plus answer bonuses. If you draw a challenge, you get just the answer bonuses. If you lose a challenge, you lose some XP, but get the answer bonuses back.


Agreed bobbie, it is not fair for us to be able to challenge with high level people. As unfair for them to play with us.


To be honest, I am stressing out and can't concentrate at the answer, nor the result. It just makes me feel weak. We are trying really hard to complete these lessons for learning, any negative side should be reduced as much as possible.


I know, the goal is learning. This is just making people stress and afraid of practice.


I know Scooby, everyone should get what they deserve. One shouldn't be punished for making mistake and learning correct answer. This makes new people stress and afraid of practice.


It is not that easy, 💞ⓢⓦⓐⓣⓘ💞. And I am pretty sure there are more people like that.


rowsej Definetly, we don't have to lose xp for such a thing. I made the explanations above.