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Suggestion for challenges

When i Play The challenges i Often Touch the Send Button without selecting Any answer. The send button should be deactivated when no answer is selected.

6/18/2018 8:38:19 PM


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Good suggestion, I agree with you. It happened to me, I accidentally touched this button😄 You can submit feedback via the in-app feedback feature or send your suggestions directly to SoloLearn at [email protected]


Good suggestion. Playing challenges will become more convenient


I'll have to tell Sololearn


I used the feedback button now to tell Sololearn 🙃


It Will be headway chànge 😂👍👌✌👏


Yeah it's annoying when that happens! 😀


Yeah, this thing happen to me also. It's better if it'll change. Give this post upvote that it'll be seen by authority.


Daniel every one agreed but I can't agree blindly sometimes answers are made up of tricky/twist so user's get triggered when they don't want to choose the answer they can skip rather exit the challenge


I‘m using the IOS App. is there the same problem on android or the Sololearn Website? Wonder why nobody else suggested this before 🤔🙂


agree with you 😂😂


great Buddy hope sololearn will take some action on this immediately.


💫...MayurK Koli...💫 ,Akash I already sent Sololearn a report via feedback, so no need to worry


Right. It happens to me frequently and it's annoying



Hey I was going to win with a level 13 opponent.The score was 4:3 and the came the 5th round. Accidentally, I touched the button and(oh no....)I lost😡😡


Daniel and Also, when we choose a language mistakenly and do not want to challenge by it, we should be able to remove it from the list of challenges . ⭕️ Please read my post, thanks to all:


ya good it's annoying good suggestion


Yaah, I'll also do such mistakes, sometimes without selecting any of the answer I'll click send button.I had lost points even though I know the answer. Nice Q&A post.


i like challanges nice suggestion


I use Android and I also suffer with the problem, It's very good suggestion... hope action will be taken..