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How hard is CS

Hi, I am 17 years old and love how programs and computers work, and i was interested in persuing a Computer sciene degree after school, i live in australia. Any suggestions ?

6/18/2018 3:13:52 PM


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Since you're soliciting opinions... I would first ask if you have money or scholarships. If you do, I'd say: Why the heck not? Do it. College provides a nifty life experience ... for a premium. If you're strapped on cash, the rest depends on what you want to do afterwards. Maybe someone who knows the Australian market can chime in, but in the US, a CS degree would (generally) be suitable for employment at a large software firm. If you would prefer working for a large company that specializes in something other than software or a small company, coding camps may provide better value. Many startups would prefer credentials of any sort but will settle for someone they can pay a small amount and work really hard if they are also fast at learning (and if they are even a little bit nice, they should offer equity if the salary is poor). If you don't care about employment prospects and would rather do your own thing (contract, freelance, start your own software company, etc.), no real need for school. Just network.


Hi i am from india and here in computer science branch we have to learn web development, discrete mathematics, logics, and other computer related topics which are essential to be a good software engineer or application developer or data scientist. If your thinking is out of box and you love to think logically and learn things quickly then you can jump in computer science. And choosing branch is a important task so do what you like.


It is hard. But not too hard to fail. One of the main reasons why people succeed, is the love for what they are doing. If you are really into CS, go for it.


I n Nepal we have to study htm,css and C in college vand python and java in bachelor if you choose CS here (include only languages)