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How to mod a game ?

6/17/2018 10:51:58 AM

Trần Tuấn

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You can mod it in a computer and phone. 1)Computer- You can convert its apk to .zip and unzip its files and change them. 2)Phone- You can use android apps to mod them. There are many of them like apk editor, android studio etc.


Trần Tuấn anytime bro


Trần Tuấn i dont know about iOS but i think that there are no official app. Its just my assumption. I dont know about iOS sorry.


go to settings and find the option of view file extension if you're on win 7 or earlier. If you're at win 10 then go to any folder and click on view tab and enable view file extension. Then change the file extension of the apk file from .apk to .zip or .rar. Then use any unzipping software like WinZip etc to unzip it. Then you will be able to see all of its files and modify them. Then after that change the extension from .rar to .apk again and install on it your phone.


Trần Tuấn thanks. You can search In app store for that.


Trần Tuấn use apk editor or android studio app from playstore


Yash unzip? idk about that (im new so i wanna ask this)


Yash thanks


Yash do you know any ios app about modify a game?


Yash don't need to sorry about that



Yash last things how to mod game with android app?


use lucky patcher !