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Binary code

I really want to learn binary code since I was a kid from your experience tell me was it hard easy where did you learn it (app, website, ..etc) anything you would like to share me..... and where I can learn it thanks......

6/17/2018 1:28:47 AM

Rawd Alhabbal

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Honestly, once you start understanding the general pattern that binary follows, it should be pretty easy to learn. Basically, when reading binary, it should always be read from right to left, opposite of how you would read English text. Next, only pay attention to the 1s as they imply that that bit is turned on and in use. Starting from the furthest right bit, the 1s and 0s will represent double the amount of the previous bit, starting at 1 from the first bit. Once you figure out the values of each 1 digit that has been turned on, you would then add up all the values to get what the value of the binary. For example, the binary number 1011 would equal to 11 (8 + 0 + 2 + 1). I would recommend checking out this wikihow about reading binary as it helps out a lot -


I learned from multiple machines that could be easily be programmed in binary (toggle switches to enter it into memory.) My first was needed to be programmed in binary to read the card deck with the binary operating system, but I did so much more with it. My second was a computer I designed and built. I patched bug fixes in binary to various purchased program because getting a fix from the vender was a 6 month wait even after giving them the code fix. Start by programming in assembly. Pay close attention to the binary produced. Online resources list instructions and binary generated by them. You need to read the generated binary as if it were the assembly. Then, you will be ready to code it. These days toggling the binary into the computer is impossible. But, writing an binary file editor or finding one for your system is likely easy. Creating files in either the executable or object formats is totally doable as I've bug fixed that way.


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