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Can You get a Job in Front end Development with no degree.

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6/13/2018 2:53:19 AM

Edward Jackson Jr

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Yes, fortunately you can ^^ but you still have to study a lot. I'm quoting Andrei Neagoie: " 4. An industry that doesn’t require a specialized degree from a university. You don’t want to spend the next 4 years getting into debt and going to a graduate program before you start making money. And yes, I think there are better alternatives than going to an expensive coding bootcamp." Totally recommend you his guide if you're just starting out: Happy learning and coding 👍^^


ifl -- yup, and it's also my case 😊 though I do have several coworkers that don't have any degree and they got backend and frontend jobs too 👍


Pao Yes of course👍 Then most people I know who went into software without a degree, end up doing some open university education, or some sort of recognized qualification. So everything is possible (But still a lot of work and hardship)


You can get some job as a coder in html/JavaScript if you can demonstrate some experience, and if you keep working hard at learning stuff. But if you have a chance to get a degree, just take it. It will give you more options for a career in the future. (You can always use those coding skills to get a summer job or a good internship, that will help towards university fees)


Note that the author of the post that Pao is referring to has a degree (Albeit not in CS, but he still went to uni, and no doubt it helped him to be where he is).


Yes. but you do need exp. A work folder (GitHub), OpenSource projects to contribute...


Does SoloLearn support bootstrap?