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Help i want to make a app that will get me into mit

12/23/2016 10:22:40 PM


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The idea is the hard part. Don't expect to come up with it in 5 minutes. Just start working toward it


Android apps ARE written in Java. It's a modified version, and you can download the API for free online. Oracle is actually suing Google over it, in federal court (ongoing in CA). If you really want to get into MIT, what they're going to be looking for is advanced mathematics. Both that you have taken classes like calculus, and can use that math in your programming. Also that ALL of your class grades are good enough to get into an ivy league school. (MIT is not technically ivy league, but they're acceptance standards are the same) Best of luck to you


Here's a simple way (still very hard) If you can write an app that in some way makes the world a better place, improves people's lives. They'd probably make an exception. They love that at MIT.


To make an app, you need to learn java and android. Android is similar to java, but most of it is different. It includes public, static, void, class, and those things, but it has other things java doesn't have. I'm not sure what though. To make an app, you will not need javascript, python, c++, but you will only need a bit of that java, and all of the programming language, android. Just saying, going to MIT is a long way from your journey (unless you are already near it XD). Good question.


my grades are not good i hope to make up for it with a amazing app I will to get better grades I have 2-3 years left


only problem is I can't think of a idea


I really want to get in


any more tips??


I highly doubt that alone would do though best of luck.


any more tips