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Learning together

Is there a possibility to Share a Code just with another User of SoloLearn? So that for Example Two Users Can practice together? Are there Any c++ beginners who Want to learn c ++ together? Any german beginner?

6/12/2018 12:06:50 PM


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Yes, you can share your code with anyone here and discuss the problem in comment section or go to the discord server of SoloLearn And Start Discussion with fellow SoloLearn Member https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/689391/?ref=app


Daniel The Discord App that is for chatting. There is a server of SoloLearn on it. In the above post , there is a link which direct you to discord server. Where SoloLearn Member can have chats with other, discussion and many things


yeah Daniel Everyone is there Join the Group


Make the code public only for a limited time. Make it private when you are done.


what is a discord server? there is no function for private messages in sololearn right? thx for your answers


that sounds cool 😎