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R or Python for Data Science?

I am a statistician and um the University I have learned R for modelling data. Since I got my degree I notice many people using python for machine learning. In the internet there is this discussion about what is the best for Data Science. So I would like to know your opinion.

6/11/2018 1:19:03 AM

Alexandre Vasconcelos Lima

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I'm a research scientist & data scientist and I prefer R.


You know, Statistician loves R for for programming, because R has huge packages/libraries based on statistical tools, statistician understand that tools easily then the programmers from other field of programming. whatever you want to make programe for data analysis or machine learning or something else on python or R it does not matter, the matter is what do to want to write, Just open your editor and write it, I think Data Science or machine learning is a part of Statistics and I think you will feel comfortable with R.


python gives you more flexibility, with all the libraries it has.


python is more flexible