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Beginner Compilation Project

Would anyone be interested in working on a beginner compilation project? I’ve been doing some of these free solo learn courses but it’s more q&a and fill in the blanks. It would fun to work on something that was an actual project or program for a change.

6/9/2018 10:26:38 PM

Daniel R. Pope

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Lol it's a minor bug tap it anyway it should go. Or you may need to update Sololearn.


Here is our starter code meet me in the comments we will decide on Styles and a Project to make in the Tutorial.


I will also start a code you can find on the computer or iPhones. Just give me a few I will add it here.


Daniel R. Pope what kind of things do you have in mind? We have Challenges available here for hands on learning. Do you mean like a step by step tutorial where you actually build something?


Great idea I started a Post for a community project meet me there we can discuss ideas and start building.


I'm working on quite of few of those if you want to help. I'm also interested in new ideas if you have any.


Yes, like an actual project. maybe something like a community app or game for the appstore.


Absolutely. Im super new to the coding game but have been consulting design ideas for awhile now. Id be happy to help in any way you could use me.


says page not found


alrighty ... im on an iphone right now if that matters


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