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Tie-break for challenger

When you challenge someone, you have 5 question to answer... and if you got them all right, the other one has 5 questions also and a 6th one (the tie-breaker) to win... I think it should be the other way around... or a least both should have the oportunity to have the tie-break questions and if both answer right the tie-break, the one that answers in less time wins!!... that way it's going to be more fair and we will see more high-leveled programmers challenge each other ;-)


7/3/2016 8:35:38 PM

Nelson Urbina

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I think it's because you are the challenger.


yes it is right. this idea is also good for quick results but it would be nice if it is added I have lost hundreds of xps


very right! this way not fair at all even you were right in all.