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This flowchart is correct :-\ ?

I have written an algorithm for a multi drinking vending machine for my first-year assignment the machine should be able to- - Allow each person to decide the composition of his drink. - Perform all important tasks when preparing the drink This is my flowchart- Is this flowchart correct? I also need to write the pseudo code for this can anyone help me to write it to this flowchart plzzzz :(

6/8/2018 7:26:20 AM

Dark Knight

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The three options when you are dealing with drink type and sugar level can be compressed into a single option since they all serve the same purpose. Select drink -> (drink == vanilla || drink == faluda || drink == chocolate) ? -> ... The part near the start where you "withdraw coins" if the amount is less than 50 may also be problematic: What if I only have coins in 20? Your machine would keep returning my money to me in order to get a coin which is >= 50. To fix this: start -> wait for coin -> coin_sum += coin. coin_sum >= 50 ? continue : go back to "wait for coin" phase... After that, instead of "X has a value", "X > 0" would be a more appropriate case, since 0 is also a value.


Try posting your attempts.


Thanks for the answer. I will correct them. Can you tell me the psuedo code for this? :-/