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Is java better to learn according to market now

which language is popular now

6/7/2018 2:29:09 AM


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This might help you 👇👇


First of all complete the SoloLearn Java Tutorial it will help you in building your basics towards java Then if you want you can go deep into it.


according to that I decided to learn java. but how depth should I learn its a vast language.there is a lot of things to learn in java.


anusha start with the sololearn course and then keep practicing and try new exercises from here or elsewhere. As you keep practicing solving new challenges you will eventually learn a lot.


Yes of course java is better to learn as there are many reasons for it like as follows: Career Opportunities: Java is the 3rd Most Demanded Skill on Angel list. Many tech giants such as Google or Amazon also use Java to develop the backend of their websites, and because Java has pretty good performance, a lot of startups who reach the scaling point would integrate their apps with Java to power features that need to have good performance. Future According to the TIOBE Index, Java is the Most Popular Language in 2015 Java has a rather slow update cycle in terms of new versions to ensure backwards compatibility, and enterprises are also slow to adopt changes as well, so this works out fine for both parties. Oracle owns Java so the language is actively worked on to stay relevant, and bugs are fixed relatively quickly. Read here:-