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please anyone has an idea of a programming or coders dictionry???

6/5/2018 2:15:43 AM

Clinton John Plowman

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Clinton John Plowman you mentioned HTML & Java in tags. HTML Living Standard: Java 10 Documentation: Also, you can find documentation of many languages if you have it installed in your PC. It's usually inside the installation directory.


There are documentation & reference books, which are like, but not identical to, "coders' dictionaries". They contain basic constructs as well as the standard library and sometimes, many popular 3rd-party libraries too.


Python: Java: PHP: HTML: JS:


please can u refer them to me


humbleboundle has an offer to coding books at the time


Clinton John Plowman For what languages do you want the documentations for?


faisal for js, html, python, java and php