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How to learn libraries

I’ve just finished the C++ tutorial on SoloLearn, but there are still a lot of libraries that I need to learn in order to master C++. How can I go about doing that? Are there coding challenges online that will guide me to the right libraries to learn?

6/4/2018 2:08:41 PM

David Leonard-John Fedyniak

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I would recommend just thinking of a project that might interest you and that uses any libraries you feel like learning and just work through that. You'll get real experience by actually creating something that requires problem solving, debugging, googling, docs reading, etc.


something that i found beneficial when working with large librarys line vulkan or opengl: remember key methods and work backwards using the autocompletion feature in your ide. example: in vulkan there is a method that creates an instance : vkCreateInstance. it basically takes a struct with parameters and gives you an instance, i have. no idea what structure but visual studio tells me the correct type so i create a structure of that type(VkInstanceCreateInfo) and fill it with appropriate values. what values i need i can see via the autocompletion. and basically i work my way backwards and if i don‘t remember something even with the help of the autocompletion i take a look at the documentation. but i think this method is better than just following a turorial or copy and pasting code from stackoverflow until you have a working program