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Student average calculator

Student average calculator The program should allow the user to input how many subjects or courses they have. Then to calculate the mark for each of the courses the program should take in the marks for the number of tests,projects and quizzes. Before that the program should also ask the weightages for tests, quizzes and projects and then calculate the mark of the student

6/3/2018 2:26:36 AM

Madhav S

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Have you tried doing it yourself?


Something simple: Also, we don't work around the clock you know, we have our own things to attend to.


not quite i am in the middle of that project but i do not know how to calculate the test ,quiz and project averages but i got all the information from the user that i need but i am trying to store the test , quiz and project averages into an array . by the way i programming using java


please write your own program in java for this problem so i can get some idea to finish my project


please someone help me out , please write your own code for this problem and post it please


please help someone i have to finish this or else i am going to fail


Which language are you using