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Why programmers work at night ?

I have read an article who say : ''being tired make us better coder '' I wanna know what do you think !!?

6/2/2018 4:39:13 PM

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Schedule, time-constraints, how long it takes to complete a project with a deadline at X, Fixing something that has just crashed/security issues. It's like school. Some stay up late to study, others to finish 90% of their projects/homework.


It's so weird.....I remember , even when i was a complete newbie ...I did it at night


Tim You cannot sleep if your code doesn't work!!! It's true


fewer distractions.


Nobody to interrupt your thought flow while thinking of a more complex algorithm. It's usually extremely peaceful at 4am.




Damn , it's not false !! .....


it cool at night because no disturbance just you and the flow of codes


you programm at night because you want to complete your (piece of) code. I think there are two main reaseons: 1) For me is time management a very hard task in programming. Because you dont know how long it will take to solve some unexpected problem. Because if there is a difficult problem you sometimes find a solution in a forum or book but sometimes you have to restructure your complete code. 2) You hop from one idea to the other. You think: I could include this and this and this function and then 1) occurs


I was told once... programs are like babies. night is the best time to conceive.


Muse of course , it's an effective moment !! 😎


Because all are sleeping


yeah I work better at night because no one is disturbing me. Fewer calls, people talking, noises etc.


Lmao Tim! Her: He's thinking of other girls Him: Why won't the freaking thing compile?!


Lmao too true cowboy