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How many versions Have PYTHON?

5/31/2018 8:53:54 AM

Shuva Raz Islam

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important note Python 3 is not back compatible with Python 2... So if you are fresh to Python I would suggest that you learn 3 first. Sooner or later you'll have to study the differences in order to be able to refactor Python 2 code.


Python have 3 versions. 1 Python 2 Python 2 3 Python 3


Two versions: version 2 and version 3


Use the following to check your default Python: python -V It probably is 2.x. To run a Python 3 script, use: python3


Python 3.5 have an advanced features


The first implementation of Python is written in C. This is the most used version. It is available through the official Python website, and is pre-installed on most distributions and versions of Linux and Mac OS. There are two commonly used versions of this distribution: 2 and 3. Since version 3 contains a number of changes that are not compatible with version 2, version 3 is not just a replacement for version 2. In order to run a Python program, it is important to know which version of Python it uses. Jython


i am learning python now as a starter but all i want to know that can i create scripts with this language and if i can how. ..... cause im a server admin ,just got this position. and now I'm managing Ubuntu virtual servers so i need the knowledge of UNIX/linux scripting any suggestions would be great


Two supported versions, Python 2 and Python 3. Python 2 will lost it's support in few years as well for versions in total, I can't really say :D, I'd say hundreds


Python 2 Python 3 off set languages Sython



there’s something called pypy(python written in python), faster than standard python(cpython)


There are 3 versions, the newest being Python 3 🐍! Hope this helped! Leave an upvote!