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Annoying Console

Most WebGL scripts I see gets that annoying console covering 20% of the screen, saying «Three.webglrenderer». This is very useless and annoying. Anyone knows how to hide this console? (Not the <br> method, I want to hide the whole console) I hope someone can help, Joakim

5/30/2018 9:24:18 PM

Joakim Nyland

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try adding this line at the top of your Javascript code console.log=function(){} edit: found in - a nicer solution that allows you to make console.log() for debugging while blocking THREE logs: console.realLog = console.log; console.log = function () { if (arguments[0] != 'THREE.WebGLRenderer') console.realLog.apply (console, arguments); };


or in three.js comment out or remove console.log('THREE.WebGLRenderer', REVISION); found in function WebGLRenderer(parameters)


</JoakimNyland> great to hear :) i had my doubt tho as i tried this method some time ago in earlier versions of sololearn and it hasn't worked back then...


Burey Thanks a lot, that works very well:-)