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React Native Mobile App Development

React Native is an front end development for mobile app, so we we can use or do for back end developments?

5/30/2018 3:32:40 PM

Manish Verma

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small clarification to what Pao stated regarding using NodeJS + Express the benefit would be keeping your frontend and backend codebase in Javascript so as a developer you don't need to use a different language for the backend. just as stated by Pao, you can build your server with many different languages and frameworks as it works independently and only responds to calls being made to it from the frontend. if you are a beginner and want to focus on the frontend of it, i suggest you use Firebase for a small project just to get the hang of things on the frontend without needing to complicate yourself with creating backend.


As you mentioned React Native is responsible only for the frontend, you can use any type of backend language to connect to the React Native app. A natural option would be nodeJS + Express framework since it would all be JavaScript it'd be easy to connect. But you could also use for the backend Python (Django), Ruby on Rails, PHP or even a service such as Firebase (it's like a serverless API)