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<img> display problem

<html> Hii everybody , i want to insert an image.jpg in html code , but the image doesnt display , !! The image is saved in desktop , however , i specified the src = " 17331.jpg and alt=""

5/29/2018 9:08:56 PM

Marwen Hechmi

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There are attribute complete, when the image load finished.It's Use with Javascript.


thx a lot guys :)


Linking external media resources, if you don't specify a long-path but instead a short-path, will not work. If you just wrote: <img src="picture.jpg"></img> , then it would find the picture within the same folder. Not on your desktop. If you really want to go to the desktop to find it... <img src="PATH TO DESKTOP"></img> , would do the trick. Obviously replace the block capitals 'PATH TO DESKTOP' with the actual path. Glad to help.