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Which device do you use to code in SoloLearn? Smartphone or PC?

I was just curious, what most of the people in the community use to code in Sololearn. With the "code playground" becoming more and more popular day by day and people coming up with better and interesting codes everyday... specially the new "coding challenges" and "cod" now a days are Long codes with a lot of lines. So, I was curious where does everyone code? is it using that "Sololearn App" (smartphones or tablet) or in the web, www.sololearn.com (in desktop and laptops)? because typing Long codes in sma

5/26/2018 3:26:14 PM

Atanu Sarkar

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Sometimes I drop private codes for fun into Playground to work on them in bed. Then I re-sync on my desktop. Playground generally is kak because: *. Typing on a phone *. Less screen space *. Long compile time *. Single files (relates to above) *. Auto-completion of quotation marks and brackets. Any lengthy code I'd do on PC and drop into my SL account.


Android app, but I hate doing anything on phone. I want to do it on my desktop, but desktop site is so limited, and it has no challenges. Plus, you cannot comment on codes.


The biggest problem holding the sololearn concept back in general is that you have to give every input at the start (except for web stuff) which makes certain things impossible to write here. You can somewhat get around the other problems (like only one file) but not this one.. That's why i use mostly the app for small projects.


DianaTheAlien exactly that's what I was talking about... The app is awesome for everything except for developing long codes... that's not the app restriction obviously, but smartphone's... I was curious what the great coders in the community does.


oall look opn


smartphone because it's handy :)