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Questions about dictionaries.

This question might be long. So thanks in advance for anyone who helps out. Question: Make several dictionaries, where the name of each dictionary is the name of a pet. In each dictionary, include the kind of animal and the owner’s name. Store these dictionaries in a list called pets. Next, loop through your list and as you do, print everything you know about each pet. Again thanks for putting up to this really appreciate any kind of help

5/26/2018 3:58:13 AM

Andrews Essilfie

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Looks interesting, I can have a go.

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Jan Markus its not a homework. am really serious about becoming a programmer. am reading a book and the question above was asked.


Pegasus thanks. i saw what you did there. i remeber similar example.🙏🏾


i did a previous guestion. but i think i didnt do it like i was aksed in the book


I think you should rather use classes.



Seb TheS Thanks, that one is way to adavanced for me now at the moment Am not on classes yet.