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WIll there be any updates on Sololearn web?

As a user of Sololearn web, I can't challenge anyone. Moreover, the new lessons are not visible here. Are the devs planning to update the web version or it will remain as it is now? :( :(

5/23/2018 6:10:22 AM

Monirul Haque

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I also wait for web version improvements. It would be great to make posts from the Sololearn web.


🤔 You should mail them at [email protected] to find out.


I'd loooooove web features. I hate typing without a keyboard.


It's just as easy with any Andriod phone or phone + PC. Most people were memorizing answers at one stage just with a brain. If people want to cheat, nobody can stop them :( But it's their loss. Many of my teachers said, "The only person you cheat is yourself" and it's true!




i think solo learn should bring a out a pc software


Needs android. Also site renders good on tablets w/ keyboards.


Nice question but i think that SL Web its "out of scope" by developers in updating context.... Personally i have sended most suggestions to they (using email and app) but i get no response