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Is that possible to send viruses using JavaScript?

5/21/2018 4:39:41 PM


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Interpreting "virus" as "malicious code"...kindof...but generally not by writing a normal program, i.e., you'd be misusing the language in some highly specific way. This fact alone is going to present a LOT of challenges to anyone just learning how to code in the normal way. This answer is given because nobody should think it's 100% safe in the wild.


var a=require ("virus"); a.sendTo("cipherfox"); a.succesful?("Take over the world")


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I would say yes, since JavaScript runs locally on people's pc when they load a webpage. I don't know enough about JavaScript to say how common or effective it is. By the way, don't send viruses! That's illegal in most places, not to mention mean!


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