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Problems with <div>

IwantedToDoWithTwo<div>ElementsTwo RectanglesOfDifferentColors,Wrote propertiesForThemIn aCSSFile,GaveClass Names,BoundThemToTwo<div>,butTheyDidn't AppearOnTheHTMLPage,I RemovedOneClass, and LeftThePropertiesForOnlyOne<div>,since there was one<div>,IRemovedTheClassName andBoundThePropertiesJustToThe<div> element,AndThenTheRectangleWasDisplayed, ThenIadded another<div>ElementToThe PageAndHereWasAnotherRectangle (similar),ButINeededDifferentOnes,SoI WroteInCSSDifferentPropertiesand gave them names,DoNotWork

5/19/2018 2:00:13 PM

Ray Faceless

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... Did you just write the entire paragraph in CamelCase style? P.S. Yes, please show us the code.


Showing your code will make it easy for us to help.


thanks guys, I already solved the problem.


What did I do wrong?...