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Hey Guys n Gals, I'm a noob to SoloLearn. Known HTML from when i was 13, writing webpages back in the 90's in notepad and uploading to angelfire... lol. So I breezed through the HTML and HTML5 course. The next language I wanted to conquer was JavaScript. I struggled..... Like I almost said, "screw it", and give up, like 10 times... But I finally got through and completed the tutorial. I need to definitely keep working on the JavaScript (being so new to me), but I don't know which language I should start now, while still working on the JS. Is there anything that would go hand in hand with it? The direction I am going is really trying to learn to code (as many languages as possible) so to be able to market my skills doing freelance projects...or even getting a job. What would logically be the next thing to master? And can anyone give any direction to other free online sources that try to teach JavaScript an/or other lang that I could really utilize? I have simultaneously been walking through Eloquent JavaScript with Solo. I need all the help I can as a new coder. I really want to succeed in this, and not end up giving up...

15th May 2018, 11:32 PM
William Joshua Bruton
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You could start learning the jQuery JavaScript library, which is used to directly manipulate the HTML. SoloLearn even has an entire course readily available for jQuery. AngularJS is a popular framework which extends HTML. There are a few lessons on SoloLearn to get started. You could also start learning ReactJS which allows for the data of a page to be updated repeatedly. Or, if you’re looking to learn server-side programming, you could begin learning Node.js which lets you run JavaScript from the command line rather than the need for an HTML file in the browser. You can even use Node to create your own server!
18th May 2018, 7:22 AM
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