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SVG Animations and Paths

May anyone clarify the meaning of this code? I know what the shape is. I saw it in action. <svg width="500" height="500"> <path d="M 0 0 L200 200 L200 0 Z" style="stroke:#000; fill:none;" /> </svg> I want to know how in the world am I supposed to figure the specific shape a random code (like shown above) generates. Try to explain in simple, understandable terms please. Thank you in advance.

5/15/2018 11:12:17 PM

Metroid Project

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+8 M = moveto (0, 0) x and y points L = lineto (200, 200) so they connect to form a line L = lineto(200, 0) Z = close path (whatever was cut off, close it or end any new connections)


Thank you very much. This helps me a lot.👍🏻