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visual c++

can I make Windows form application using that software??

12/14/2016 10:23:08 AM

Fluffy Rabbit

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I have Visual Studio Community 2015 and Microsoft doesn't include much built in support for C++ Form Applications like it does with C#. I think they pulled support around or after Visual Studio 2012. They do have some C++ support but they clearly favor C# in that regard.


kodlar neden ingilizce . neden türkçe veya almanca değilde ingilizce.bu sorunun cevabını bekliyorum


yes you can, make an empty 'new project' of CLR type under c++... then goto project > New Item click UI , then select ' Windows form' from the right side.

0 I need to learn how to code Windows form application using there any source where I can learn from.??


Maybe make use of stack overflow and YouTube. I think these pretty much covers it. Otherwise you will need to take a course from but that cost money... have a nice day.


so I need to learn c# then??