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Goal to add one code per day to code playground for one year. Join me!! :)

Title says it all. Everyday for a year, create at least one functional piece of code and add it to the code playground. 365 days = 365 pieces of code. Share, follow, and encourage each other!

15th May 2018, 2:06 AM
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Nice goal! but i won't join. I code/experiment most of the time and they happen in a REPL; the goal of writing 1 piece of code everyday can be stressing i will skip. Good Luck to you and anyone else who joins.
15th May 2018, 2:25 AM
Lord Krishna
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Hm... Sounds interesting... I probably wont do it, but it sounds cool!
15th May 2018, 2:15 AM
DrChicken24 - avatar
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I agree it could be a stressful goal! Feel free to adjust it any way you need if you'd like to participate. Someone could shoot for 183 pieces of code in 365 days which would be half. Or one every 3 days or so on. Whatever works for you! I like to go camping so I might skip some days and then catch up. Also, I'm a beginner so for myself, I envision pretty simple pieces of code at least for a while. Thanks for your thoughts!
15th May 2018, 2:34 AM
Andrew - avatar
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Remember: quality, not quantity.
15th May 2018, 6:25 AM
Bagshot - avatar
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Nah... My projects are always huge. They take me days to weeks to complete, except the small coding assignments that I code... Maybe one a week? That is 52 codes. It's still a lot.
15th May 2018, 3:15 AM
cyk - avatar
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yay. I am game for it
26th Jun 2018, 7:19 AM
Tej Sai
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