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didnt quite grasp what this command does


5/13/2018 3:05:21 PM


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float is a datatype (like int, char etc.) for floating point numbers, like 1.715


hi, Float Command is a shortened term for "floating point." By definition, it's a fundamental data type built into the compiler that's used to define numeric values with floating decimal points. C, C++, C# and many other programming languages recognize float as a data type. Other common data types include int and double. The float type can represent values ranging from approximately 1.5 x 10-45 to 3.4 x 1038, with a precision— the limit of digits — of seven. Float can contain up to seven digits in total, not just following the decimal point — so, for example, 321.1234567 cannot be stored in float because it has 10 digits. If greater precision—more digits—is necessary, the double type is used.