A note to users from the moderation team regarding the Q&A

As many of you know, we moderators have been busy trying to clean up the Q&A. A few notes: -[OFF-TOPIC] markings are reserved for celebration & chat threads. -[DUPLICATE] markings are reserved for content that was asked before. If they don't have quality discussion, we'll delete those. -[ASSIGNMENT] markings are reserved for content that should be moved to lesson factory. Also, -Sololearn-related content is not going to be labeled as off-topic. -We may ask to redirect off-topic content to share feeds.


5/13/2018 12:46:50 AM


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Fingers crossed for this to be noticed by the whole community. Maybe we should have a tag for modinfo to find the question easily later on :D


It would be nice if Sololearn had some way to make a pin, so it would reach more users. Another way to spread it can be through the posts in the profiles. Since each moderator is followed by a large number of people, a greater diffusion can be achieved in later days (since this post will most likely be too hidden within this section within 12 hours)


From what I've observed, community members tend to try to mark their own threads as an attempt to help out on keeping Q&A ordered. Hopefully the definition of each tag would be unambiguous enough to be understood by most users. To anyone who has concerns or questions regarding the tags and their definition, please feel free to voice out.


Updates from this thread: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1108024/?ref=app


Hopefully, this thread will help users understand moderators 👍


Utkαrsh, Why you *hate* that people share links from external sources? I guess you know already there is not enough internal resources available in SoloLearn to answer incoming questions. Furthermore, I personally value/respect those who try to help others, despite where they get their resources, it shows caring and helping initiative, one may be a genius that they need no external resource to answer, but what good there is if they don't contribute, knowledge is no good kept in oneself. Prohibiting external resources in SoloLearn is ridiculous, even in mature forums like SO we can still see external resources when no internal resource was found there to fit for an answer. Suggesting a TS (Thread Starter) to try on a web search is no sin either, it is only a motivational way to get them to have a little effort prior to posting a new question. In particular, those repetitive, simple questions that can be solved by simple web search, although I agree to say "search the web first please" rather than "use Google" (explicit brand)


🙁25oǝןuɐɹɐɥɔ What's the issue with duplicate? Also, what suggestions do you have as an alternative?


bobbie We don't scold users (we don't mean for it to be seen that way, anyway). We have been putting in extra hours to clean the Q/A up before it's updated further. Hopefully, after the main updates happen, all users will be satisfied with the layout of SL's forum. Future goals involve there being no headers, whatsoever. At least, that's what we hope.


Siddharth Ramsundar "Do whatever you love in your free time, especially when you're helping a great community and dev team." You heard Tashi.


I find the Duplicate tag a bit discouraging. Personally I feel it's a bit harsh for a learning site where people are encouraged to ask questions. Possible solution? A polite request when you tap the q&a to write a question that states something like Please attempt a search of your question before creating a possible duplicate. This pop up feature could include the search box with an option for question not found to continue writing new question. Just a suggestion I like all users to feel welcome here without fear of being scolded by mods for preventable reasons if the q&a we're set up a lil better to handle this reoccurring issue. Thanks. 🙂


VcC To clarify, we aren't removing any challenge threads (unless it's a blatant duplicate of another thread). We are simply rebranding them at this point, and redirecting people to lesson factory. We understand there's a lengthy wait for new assignments due to the review process (currently handled by the admin team, not us moderators). All we can do at this point is hope the review times will be reduced (maybe they will add reviewers like for quizzes).


Utkαrsh There are plans set for off-topic threads. Headers are temporary, and are used to keep track of these threads, rather than remain as a permanent feature. Banning is a last resort.


Charan😭 Leon, dear Terminator. You know exactly how that moderation thing works. Your colleagues told you many times before what went wrong. I feel really sorry that it had to turn out like this, but even I know what went wrong, although I was inactive at the time when that happened. Please stop stirring up the community and help us to make it a better place as you once did. I know you're a kind person and I believe in you. But please don't make me sad by stirring up the community. Bring your happy face back, look ahead, heads up!


I believe we have that ;) See CipherFox's answer. I'll check if it needs an update in a bit... https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1108024/?ref=app


Charan😞 , basically all of those tags are synonymous of duplicate, lol. And in any case, keep the threads that provide content and erase the others is a good move (although it may feel aggressive). The problem, to put it in some way, is that many people are not used to looking. If you review many of the questions in this section it is easy to see that the vast majority can be resolved with a quick search. Introducing a change that educates the user or improves their habits would be great, as bobbie said. People may not change their habits if there is so much flexibility and evaluating several problems that have recently arisen, it is also easy to notice that many people have a mistaken impression of the purpose that is intended to be given to the section (I am referring mainly to that many seek recognition through what they post and they get very upset because some mod edit one of their posts, before there is a misinterpretation of my words, by this I mean they are mainly looking for followers and upvotes for their posts)


My lovely friend Ipang , Utkαrsh is somehow pointed out to a serious glitch which leads people to acting like a copy paste machine and running around forever in this learning platform. I cutely remember how Stackoverflow folks were admonishing a guy who had just provided a single link and had gotten green check mark(Psychologically, people tend to appreciate original yet incomplete answers more than a dull and comprehensive copy paste). Believe me, there's no problem if you love the way in which the mainstream of SL accepts things, but honestly that wouldn't be the case when you step out in the rough and mature world of software development and in general professionalism.


SDM ~😈 As stated before, off-topic content is being pushed to user feeds and out of the Q&A. If your content was a duplicate, off-topic, or was in violation of the content creation guidelines (updated in April), then we had grounds to remove it. As for your blocked challenges issue, it's best to email info@sololearn.com for more details on that.


You should send an email to info@sololearn.com to suggest that ;) But wouldn't it be better if that was mentioned in the terms of use or in the content creation guidelines? Siddharth Ramsundar


bobbie i already posted here😞 my suggestion is to trying postive impact on 'duplicate' tag so I came up with [omt]-- one more time [clone]-- its good use same type questions [repeated!]-- sounds good rather than its duplicate 😨


Utkαrsh Mods have been doubling their time with this stuff, and so has SoloLearn, even with the limited number of employees at their disposal. Perhaps, rather than stating "better speed it up", you could offer your own help (if it's truly a concern of yours ;p). We're waiting on the next update to start moving things around, since we lack the power to do so right now.