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What will happen to my lesson?

The learn section recently got a new lesson 'Strings' for the C language. But, some others (like me) may have posted a lesson on the same topic, but as for now, only a single one was approved. Now, my lesson on 'Strings' for C still has the 'pending' status, even when a lesson exists in the visible list of lessons. So, is it possible for my lesson to get approved, or will it be rejected? If its going to be rejected, why hasn't the team rejected it in the first place? Why is it still pending? *Rem ot label

5/12/2018 3:59:08 AM

Kinshuk Vasisht

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Just like duplicate quizzes that get declined, I would expect the same situation to happen with duplicate lessons/assignments.


It should be declined as ace said. Now for "why it's still not rejected" They take months to approve lessons/assignments(I have submitted a few it's been a while not a single one approved :( If they take this much time to approve them in the 1st place it won't be far fetched to assume *why it may take time to decline them*. For a definite answer try asking via feedback or email. on another note: I don't think your post is off-topic. it's related to Sololearn.


only one is not responsible for posting a lesson or a quiz, millions of learners posts lessons, quiz everyday and the editors have to choose the best one and related to topic.


Thank your for clearing my doubt. Though my lesson had some extra information on the topic, it is likely to be rejected, due to ambiguity in the name. I shall now post a new lesson with a different topic that will be in continuation of the recently approved lesson. And my apologies, for the misuse of the OFF-TOPIC tag. I shall not add such tags myself from now on in threads where I am not completely sure.