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Ethicality of the AI! 🤖 What do you think?

As most of you already know, few days ago Google demonstrated "Google Duplex" which is an AI who can talk like a real human being. Many people have been panicking since the demo. There are even some articles that want to show how dangerous can that AI be. What do you think? Link to the video: Some articles:

5/11/2018 11:40:03 PM

Aaron Sarkissian

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If you know about the Turing Test, then this is a huge step forward beating that test. This level of AI can deceive anyone and it is super hard to realize that you are not speaking with a human. However, I think this is something very good, and can help us in numerous of cases. Just imagine this case when a terrible car accident happens and this "Duplex" can make a call automatically to 911(or any emergency services) and by using the visual sensors (and many more) explain the situation and answer their questions before they arrive.


I am absolutely welcoming of the idea that we would be living among androids embedded with advanced A.I. in the future. I feel that people who panic over the demo of Google Duplex and claims that it is substantially dangerous on it's own, is disrespectful towards the engineers and programmers who have spent years of effort at fine-tuning the product, in terms of effectiveness and safety. While this statement may come off as harsh, and although I certainly comprehend why people freak out, I think that it would be better for us to pursue better understanding of deep learning. It is no lie that fear stems from ignorance, and the only antidote is knowledge.


great answers here. I also agree this is extremely cool! And as a programmer myself, can imagine all the hard work and thought put into this. I hate making appointments by phone (prefer face to face but most times thats a difficult option). The only scary thing about this is if someone takes over your google account, phone, or whatever this feature is on and make appointments, bank withdrawals, or serious phone calls without your consent. It seems this A.I. has to know your personal info and schedule to make these decisions in the first place, so there is another flaw.


Every time when technology offer's something new that is not clear for most of the people, they freakout and start thinking about the worst case scenarios. In the case of AI and robots, this fear is somehow more serious. Because it is not just a smart device or a tool. They can decide what to do, how to do, and in more advanced cases form an opinion about they surrounding. I think the ones who are afraid, are thinking about the usage of this AI in military equipment.


Hatsy Rei well said, and I agree completely. I don’t think this is bad at all. If this becomes common, then there’s more job openings for the increasing programmer population. Eventually, everything will have more advanced AI than even this. So why wait?