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How to make a webserver on a cloud storage

Hello, I have a storage at my house, the Western Digital My Cloud Home Single, and I want to use that as a web server. How can I do this? I don't mind, if I need to use a language, which one. Thank you, Gleb Koval

5/11/2018 4:47:45 PM

Gleb Koval

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Look into SimpleHTTPServer (Python).


Incidentally, I've had one of those WDD personal cloud devices on a network I was monitoring. I wasn't that happy with it but they've had time to work on it; you may only have to deal with the Apache configuration anyway. If you're seeking help here, we've got a few things that are need-to-know before proceeding. It may help to access the device's shell (I think the webserver has a "run a single command" shell via a web request)... what's the output of: uname -a That will help determine what sort of Linux it is (and how it starts tasks, like initd) and what langs and package manager it supports. Also, Are you willing to use ssh or telnet to get a real shell, or do you want to stick to the 1-command web interface (hopefully this has changed)? What model/version of the drive (there are about a dozen models)


Western Digital's site has some answers on configuring their network-attached storage / personal cloud as a webserver:


SSH voids the warranty because well, you can modify the OS ... but you need it for the package manager: LAMP (linux-apache-mysql-php) setup on firmware version 4 (+ Python, some admin tools, perl, etc), includes the steps they ran to get the software installed. Package manager... I saw "apt-get" there so: apt/aptitude Distro's probably Debian or similar (Ubuntu). The top level thread I got these from (my first link) seems to think v2 firmware would have trouble because it's limited in some way. Without actually having access to a shell it's hard for me to tell (I'm hoping you have the v4 firmware in this case).


Hi Gleb You can try installing webserver inside your browser


I think they have their own thing called CloudOS or something like that


counterquestion on what os runs the wd device


To be more precise I have this: WD My Cloud Home Single 6 TB. I don't mind how I set it up. I'd rather have a real shell though