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Which is the best game engine

I'm planning on making a game. Which code/framework should I use

5/9/2018 8:14:29 PM

Blu-ange Wave

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Forge Brain and Paul Unity no longer supports JavaScript or “unityscript” only C# now.


I really suggest Unity. It uses C#. Another option would be Unreal, but it can be more challenging for beginners.


c# is the best


Spot on Forge Brain


pretty sure coding is why we are all here.... and if you want drag and drop with no coding, might as well use GameMaker from yoyo games


C# and Unity .. "Easier" C++ and Unreal .. "Better"


Unreal engine and Unity are like 2 most used that i can think of. Unity uses C# or JavaScript for coding whereas UnrealEngine uses c++ for it. For me, Unreal is more advanced and complex and I woulg recommend using it, but the choice is yours


to expand on Pauls comment.. Yes, Unity uses javascript, but I don't recommend it. if you want to use Unity, use C#




Just use Buildbox. You dont have to Code. Just Drag and Drop.


language Lua with framework Love2d


May I ask if Unity and Unreal, provide canvas programming code source?