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Career change to tech

Hello SoloLearn....I am currently tryin to make a career change from working in manufacturing over to becoming a ui/ux designer or a mobile app developer. I have a degree in graphic design and started the process in learning java, JavaScript, python & android studio but I feel as i am running around all over the place. Could anyone give me advice on a solid starting point to learn ui design and mobile app development

5/9/2018 5:10:31 AM

Devon Johnson

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If I were you, I would choose Java. 1. It can be easily used on mobiles and PCs too. 2. The Java's logic is close to other languages' logic so you can learn new language at no time. 3. It's beggining is easy and you can learn it forever.


Now that you mentioned it, im starting to see some of the same logic of java in other programs. Appreciate the advice mark