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I am a business analyst (looking for work). I am often passed by for jobs because I don't have SQL experience. Unfortunately the places I have worked in the past, SQL was handled by the development teams overseas, so the ability to sit down and cross-train was not a realistic option. Do you feel this would be beneficial? And if I need to do more, what would you suggest?

5/8/2018 6:12:36 PM

Sherry Fox

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SQL is a basic database language. If your job offers/employers require just SQL from you, there is no need to learn anything more then just that now. Look up the SQL course in this app, it will give you a basic idea of how SQL works and what you can do with it. After the course you can go out there, practice and master SQL.


Boem Shakalaka , I have been working on the SQL course. But do you feel this course will be enough SQL knowledge once I complete it? I am working on the 2nd module now.


In my expierence.. maybe it will be a good knowledge base to start with, but there is way more to SQL than just that. What i mean is that you learn the most, after the basic theory, by just practicing on and on and on. In that way you will struggle, but by overcoming every struggle you will learn so much :) and you can always ask here about SQL!


Boem Shakalaka , thanks for your help!


ice to meet you, I understand that. But I am a Business Analyst. and now most BA roles require some background in SQL. I would love to dive into Java, Python and more too, but that is for another time.


For analytics, yes absolutely learn SQL. It depends on how you will want to branch out later, but for analytics it is a must if you want to get more serious with Data. Afterwards learning DAX/Power BI will be a cherry on top with loads of opportunity.


Trevor Hodges most BA roles now require SQL. Check any of the job boards.


SQrL Thanks for all that great info. I had intended to use Solo simply to get my feet wet. I am quite familiar with W3 and StackOverflow. Appreciate the advice.


can Anyone here help me with sql pls 🙃


Sherry, as a fellow BA, I can tell you this course is both not enough and too much for what you need. SQL, while often downplayed by developers, is a multi-faceted technology. The facet of SQL which should be your focus is the Select statement. It will give you invaluable data for your analysis. W3 schools (website) is a better option than SoloLearn for SQL because you can actually write statements there. Head First SQL was a great resource when I started as a BA 5 years ago. I had background already, but this helped bring me back up to speed. However, even if you know nothing about SQL, I find this book to be a worthy investment. For me the best part was finding it at the library HA. FYI, it doesn’t necessarily make a good reference tool, for that I go to W3 or