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Decision support system

I have mistake when I do my project to make a decision support system using Demster Shaffer Method, I have mistake when I going implemtation the formula to the soucre code.

5/7/2018 6:00:10 AM

Putri Ayu Hernawati

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so? Could you elaborate on what your question is exactly?


Thank you for your respon to my question. So my question is I confuse how to implentation the formula to the soutce code. I not very understand the method. I want to have a example how to implented the formula to source code.


@Putri this is an interesting topic, but a bit wide for this forum. best is to provide the related links to articles you read on the internet, or sample code you write, and ask more specific questions on what exactly you don't understand or what errors you get. Then maybe some of us can help!


hhhe sorry, I will tryng it with my self again, and if I have problems I'll share it in this forum. Thank you so munch ifl, and I'm sorry I don't now about it, its the first time I use this application. Thank you ifl 😊😊😊


This is a good place to ask questions, please keep coming back. The more specific the question, the mote likely you will get answers :-) Also you can share your progress!


Ok, thank you 😊😊😊