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Why are my fades missing without playing? Sometimes there are few, but now they are disappearing often. Does anyone explain?


5/4/2018 12:50:32 PM


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Did you accept a challenge ,then you left it halfway without finishing it? That's one of the reasons points are deducted (if you decide to leave a challenge halfway because you lost maybe a question) You will notice that points will be deducted because of this ,once the challenges expire. It wont appear on your activity log but your opponent will see it


get focused on only one language in challenge...


You have to lose less challenges. They ruin your XP account.


No problem at all. Like what Jan Marcus said, whenever you initiate a challenge, you have the opportunity to win XP or lose XP based on the outcome of the match. Note that "XP" is made. Whenever you answer a question correctly, you get XP from the system itself. Winning gets you an extra bonus while losing will deduct those points. So take those challenges a little more seriously and I think you'll gain back tons of your lost XP.


my friend , don't you understand !! are disappearing without me playing


I see. If that's the case, then I'd recommend you contact Sololearn and explain the issue to them - hopefully they'll be able to explain what's happening better than we can. However, and I mean this with respect, I've just checked your stats (your win/loss) and your losses heavily outnumber your wins. Because challenges take (I think) 48 hours to expire completely, some people may be challenging you last minute a day later, resulting in sudden drops.


Benjamin Brice my losses in general is for not giving time to read the challenge for having difficulty in English. I think the solution is to stop playing


You'll need to elaborate on that a bit.


My points are disappearing. Pardon my English