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Python and/or R for Statistics and Data Analysis

I have been studying R for a few months now & I find it extremely handy to use in conjunction with SQL and BI tool such as Power BI for my statistical or data reporting needs. But I want to go a step (or a mile) further and it seems that Python could supplement my skillset. Since Python is a general purpose language, I believe that I could use for data gathering & visualization while R could be used for computing/analysis. Is my train of thought valid or would it be more time effective to focus purely on Python or R? Or is there a language (or a skill) which would better synergize with R? Thank you ^-^

12/11/2016 8:53:03 PM

Luna Shirley

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You are right. R + Python is good approach


It depends on your mentor really... some would recommend R before python vice-versa. I learnt R and now learning python, it makes learning python easier for me. Learning R could be sufficient but due to marketability its better u learn both. Python is for today but R capabilities still remains a future resource.