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condition in Javascript

tuts says that you can use as many as u want if else if statement but it also says that else ends the if else conditions, so how can use severals times if else if statement please help. me

5/2/2018 6:10:52 AM


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if(true){} else if(!true){} else if(null){} else if(0){} else {}


Hi Rajan If you find that you are doing a lot of if else stements, you may want to consider a different pattern to make your code much easier to maintain. Some people use the switch statement like this: function processUserInput(direction) { switch (direction) { case "left": movePlayer("left"); break; case "up": movePlayer("up"); break; case "right": movePlayer("right"); break; case "down": movePlayer("down"); break; } } but this is still messy if you have a lot of options. A good pattern to use is the "dispatch table": var optionsTable = { left: function() { movePlayer("left"); }, up: function() { movePlayer("up"); }, right: function() { movePlayer("right"); }, down: function() { movePlayer("down"); }, } function processUserInput(direction) { optionsTable[direction](); } It uses Object properties and executes them on access. This is nice and modular and allows you to add options with ease without having to work through if-else logic.