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Internet Stopped

What happens if the internet in the whole world is stopped only for 1 minute,how does it affect us?

4/30/2018 1:36:27 AM

Krishna Kumar

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@ Krishna Kumar Your fundamental assumption is wrong: THE internet cannot bet stopped because there is no CENTRAL node. The internet is "just" an interconnection of a vast number of LANs. To understand the design of the internet you have to go back to the first days. The US-forces and some scientific organizations formed the ARPANET and they structured the network in a decentralised manner. These were the days of the cold war and the network should even then work if parts of it are destroyed by a nuclear blast. The mesh topology guarantees that data packages are able to choose different ways from the sender to the recipient.


For me, I may miss a couple text messages or not be able to save a code. 😂 That’s about it for me.


@ Adam Okay, you are right in that case. I was not aware of such a scenario.


Like Jan Markus said in his response it would be virtually impossible for the entire internet to go down. But if it did there would be devastating effects. Traffic lights would stop working, every single website would go down. Many of your computer programs would break. Games wouldn't work. Banks wouldn't operate, etc.


Stock markets would have a major meltdown as would ForEx stuff. Stock markets have built in mechanisms to roll back trading in the event of something like that so in the end very little would happen. Global communications crashing would probably be the major issue. If it was just for a minute I doubt much would happen. If it stretches out much beyond 10 minutes I'd be willing to bed panic would start setting in. Especially among those who can't stop refreshing their feeds for new followers or likes.


Jan Markus Assume a massive solar flare caused unprecedented ground charging wiping out 98% of all nodes on the internet. There. It's down. And that's also a legitimate worry. A repeat of The Carrington Event in modern days would be catastrophic. I'm actually an astrophysicist by training. Coding is just my career.


@Jan Markus There are others as well. While the internet may be a series of interconnected nodes, it isn't peer 2 peer... there are nodes that carry a significant portion of total traffic. Backbone links, etc. If you knock them out you effectively knock out so much of the internet that it becomes ineffectual. It's a major worry with undersea cables actually. So much traffic travels between continents on those cables that losing any one of them would severely hurt the internet. Limited other routes traffic can take. Cut 2 of them and you get into really hurting territory.


The DNS architecture itself is also a major weakness of the internet. DNS servers can be hacked. DNS tables can be altered. DNS requests can be spoofed. Wipe out DNS and every request from downstream becomes useless as there is no way to map domains to IPs without it.