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When should someone start with jQuery ? I am learning JS right now and idk when to start with jQuery.... What are u guys thinking and when did u guys start with jQuery ??

4/28/2018 9:54:45 PM


3 Answers

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here's what I think. 1. complete JS on Sololearn. 2. create 3-4 Web Programs in which JS is used to manipulate the HTML and CSS content. 3. then go for CSS. this way you will be able to correlate and understand jQuery in much easier way


I started with jQuery not long after I finished JS. And so far I use mostly jQuery synthax in my codes, very little JS synthax. I feel it requires less lines and in a way it is easier to read but that's a matter of opinion


I have created a checklist app (not an android app yet) , and 2 other programs that use a lots of DOM manipulation. and now I find jQuery much easy