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Improvement Suggestions from Language Experts Please!

I am working on a little language comparison project. The idea is to write the same simple program (Bonus) in every language available on SoloLearn. It's still a work in progress and so far I have written it in 8 languages, which can be seen on my profile. I am no expert in any language, so improvement suggestions for any language are very welcome. Upvotes of course also... The goal is to have a clean and nicely written implementation of "Bonus" optimized in every language available on SoloLearn.

4/28/2018 2:39:07 PM


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JavaScript was missing so here's try I used the best practices that I knew to write it but I would love to hear improvements, coz I started javascript recently


I thought something like that already. Anyway, for now I'll leave the changed names...


@Morpheus Very nice implementation! No comments so far. It is not 100 percent according to my criteria, but there I'm the only one to blame because I didn't write them down. Hope you don't mind that I made a copy of it in my code area, so that I can keep all the versions together. JavaScript is the next one on my list and your version will be a great help because it includes already most of it...


@Gordie Good point! Fixed it. Hope I didn't violate any guidelines when I renamed h and k...


@Morpheus No worries! Just tell me when your new version is ready and I'll update it in my area.


@Gordie Actually, I just wanted to limit it to SoloLearn to limit the scope, but why not extend it... I copied them. Thanks a lot! FYI: Was the first time ever in my life that I had a look at a code in either of the languages. And I'm around 15 years older than in my picture...


Gordie what do you mean when this account will be deactivated??


Gordie you deactivated your account?


Modi oops sorry I forgot to write comments, I ll write them thanks 👍. yes please i would be glad, I ll message when I rewrite it neatly