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Who are you: junior, middle or senior?

How geeks can find out their "level"? What knowledge they must have?

4/26/2018 10:30:21 AM

Timchenko Artem

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If (You have learnt the language) {You == Junior;} Else if (You have taught the language) {You == Middle;} Else (You have invented the language) {You == Senior;}


when you think youve almost mastered a programming language,you then realize theres another mountain ahead of you.Illd say middle


HowToKnow?! Junior: You can make a website work in modern browsers. Layout stuff is hard, maybe you use a framework to help. You can modify someone else's jQuery to get it to do what you want. When something breaks you're more likely to be confused than to know why. Intermediate: Your stuff works well in modern browsers the first try, including major mobile browsers and screen readers, they fall back cleanly in IE8. You are comfortable with multiple layout techniques. jQuery is your friend, you've written a bit of vanilla javascript because including jQuery seems like unnecessary bloat for some sites. It annoys you when you're writing something a second time and you start looking for solutions (writing more modular code, SMACSS, Sass). When something breaks you know where to look and chances are you can fix it with one Google search. You have a firm position in the tabs vs spaces argument. Senior: Your sites work fast on BlackBerry, Android Browser, and IE7 with minimal tweaks, you've installed and used a screen reader for fun. You've stopped learning and started experimenting. You've written a jQuery plug in, you're not scared of vanilla javascript. Maybe you've used other JS frameworks (angular, ember, etc.). If you did, their non semantic nature gave you hives. You are comfortable with your chosen modularity techniques, but can write code to suit others because you understand the concepts separate from the language. You can identify a misplaced semi-colon or unclosed tag by looking at the rendered page. You've filed browser bugs because when your code breaks, it's not your fault anymore. Soft skills suddenly start to matter. You do code review for other devs. You've acted as the face of your company. You have a mental coding style guide which may also have been written down as the guide for all company devs to follow - people care about your position on tabs vs spaces, but you don't anymore ;) SOURCE: https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-know-if-my-knowledge-level-makes-me-a-junior-middle-or-senior-level-developer


Everybody must be a junior. Learning never stops !! So i think i m a junior..


I Am A Lion😛🐅🐅That's What My Mom Told Me😁😂😁


i am a Junior, i am too young for the other 🖒😉


<html> <head> <title>HelloGuys!</title> </head> <body> <p>Junior In SoloLearn. </p> </body> </html>


I think I am middle. I understand many things, know few frameworks, know how to build architecture for an application.


I'm everything, depending on what it's. I keyed in the first program 38 years ago. Didn't really have a clue what it was doing until I executed it. Since then I'm programming frequently but hardly ever full-time. Made also breaks for some years from time to time... It also depends a lot to whom you compare, so it's even possible to be junior, medium and senior in the same thing...


Junior ..I am 14 yrs and made a website : www.theflip.tk with my friend! , it would be awesome if u give it a chance... www.theflip.tk


Is there any other category lesser than junior?


I think there is no junior,middle,senior because programmers lifes is learning and invent something new.so we can say programmers life is curiosity. but in this stage, I am learning programming languages and taught python so I think i am middle.


I am probably not quite Junior. 😂😂😂


I always wanted to be junior and get improvements from senior


I’m not even a junior, I’m a beginner.



it's like univers : each time you find something, you also find 2 news questions. it's same in programming. I think I'm Junior. Nobody can be Senior bcs it's when you are master in all big programming languages. I don't know something like that yet.


im not junior but a beginner


I am a beginner , I think because I am good at writing articles instead of codes. I started a year ago and i only learn the basic of Web, Ruby and currently learning Python as it was my subject choice in school. I am still learning .


@Praise Jumbo feel free to search in topics for guides