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10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn Angular!

Learn why Angular, a JavaScript toolset, is gaining popularity so quickly. SoloLearn gives us the opportunity to get to know and learn the basics of Angular JS I hope this article will help you! • https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/718046/Reasons-Web-Developers-Should-Learn-Angular

4/26/2018 9:41:43 AM

Danijel Ivanović

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Good article , although I was not able to appreciate it very well because I still have to explore a lot in Angular but few of my learning experiences till now with Angular5. it has a steep learning curve and it is supposed to be because its a vital tool to develop complex web apps involving big teams. we will need to pickup basics of Microsoft s typescript language as well, not that difficult if we already know JavaScript. so using Angular for simple stuffs would be an overkill and wastage of time and we would be better off with vuejs, backbone , ember etc . but learning the View-controller architecture with Angular helps to understand a lot of stuffs. I think learning Angular will only be appreciated when working in a company with a team or when doing a big project ourselves.


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ANNM jQuery is a cross-platform designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. JavaScript library which allows for easier development of JavaScript-based applications (AJAX).


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Fabio, Definitely you must learn Javascript!! Not only for angular but for other framesworks or libraries. You must have at least the basics of Javascript. Important as well is React. It has gained a lot of ground in the market. React is a library, not a framework like angular. It is light and powerful. Check them both. They are must have skills. Edit: Learn Typescript as well. Angular uses Typescript now. Typescript transpiles your code to Javascript.


Great my friend!! 👍👌📚 But i need an advice. Should i learn first Javascript until domain it mostly before starting Angular?


Imir Hoxha Ohh... I see! Thank you very much! I'll learn Javascript fairly first and the these frameworks and libraries. 📚 ☺👍📲


am so happy I joined sololearn, it's nice that am gaining new ideas and views


I did it you can use angular on your android devices... https://youtu.be/F92OjrhPvH4


Fabio You are welcome! In job interviews you will definitely be asked if you know JavaScript. So, learn it well and good luck.


Well it Also makes you a MEAN developer http://mean.io/


Imir Hoxha Thanks a lot!! ☺👍👍


Gaurav kashyap if you are about to start learning angular, then you must know this: Angularjs is the older version. Now, it is called just Angular. So, I would advise to not learn Angularjs, i.e the old version. Avoid it unless you are asked to work on projects built in angularjs. Join github and there you have plenty of projects which others are sharing or working on. You can download them and use them as you wish.


I think that jQuery also is an interesting framework for developer.


should I learn angular if I want to be a back end web dev??


how about reactjs? I can skip angularjs.


vuejs, emberjs, backbonejs and reactjs are also good JavaScript tools.


east west reactjs is best 😎😎