Are you a born programmer?

Hey, I just started programming a few weeks ago and functions continously make me dizzy, but I keep going. So I wanna ask you did you ever have any problems with such things, struggled with basics, and took you time to understand it, or were you all just born programmer, and got all the things the minute you saw them?

4/24/2018 1:50:28 PM


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No one was born a programmer.. everyone learnt it. it just dat we have different rate of assimilation about things and codes and as for the dizzy part of programming.. I went through that and I am still going through it.. but when it thus happens I take a break off and rest till when I am ready again then I continue


Most things are both nature and nurture. People seem to have what I call raw intelligence in certain areas (social intelligence, emotional resilience, problem solving, maths, sport etc). If you polish what you already have, then you can improve. I programmed computers from the age of 10, I had a natural skill, but I still struggled immensely at times, however I'm stubborn so kept going! Learning assembler at age 10, burned my brain a bit, however I found it much easier later. A colleague once told me decades ago, that the most important skill in programming wasn't intelligence, but patience! I think that's worth noting. Some intelligent people couldn't handle the irritation that comes with programming at times. Also sitting still for hours, you have to be as patient as a Buddhist monk!


I think no one just born knowing stuff.It take some time but naturally you start to understand the languages easily.it all depends on how much do you read and practice.


No, but I have developed an interest for it so it's quite easy for me!


Don’t memorize. Understand your code


experiment with your code who cares if an error occurs that’s the whole point of the learning process, as long as you find a way to fix that error


As per my view, programming is something not hard to learn but hard to start. I have noticed people who just learned some basic things, tried some problems and decided that programming is not their thing. It's not like that. We have to give it more effort in beginning , once we reach just above begginer level, next levels become more easier to achieve.


No I started programming in college at the old age of 26.


I am still a beginner and I am learning programming because I like it and challenges in Sololearn motivates me to improve my skills Thanks Sololearn.



I disagree that coding is easy. Learning to program well, and working on complex or large systems is not easy. It's similar to guitar, it is easy to learn three chords and play a simple song, but it's difficult to become as good as Dave Gilmour and play live on stage to thousands of people. There's different levels, like anything. It's worth checking out the Dunning-Kruger effect! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect


Functions are still easy if we compare it to object-oriented programming...


It's funny but I found oop easier than functions, lol!


^ that’s not always the case in other languages. C++ makes OOP a walk in the park but if you look at how Lua does it it’s not as simple but do able