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Platform to write code?

so simple question here. lets say ive learned how to write code. Where would i write this code? Like what platform do you use?

4/24/2018 4:14:14 AM

​​Joshua Nathan Davies

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your code is still part of a website or an app but what you mean to ask is if you have finished how do you deploy your scripts..well first write them here on SL, and with time you will be progressing on using free hosting services..for publishing your website. and other app hosting services like playstore etc.


you do not need a platform to write JS..cos it is a scripting is interpreted from the client side (your own end). A notepad is even perfect for d job as long as you know what you want to learn and also what you want to write. Except you download more precise programming text editors like sublime, notepad++, blueish etc....


while learning how to write code, which platform did you use. Use the same platform that you used when learning for writing you code. so simple answer😆


You can write your code at platforms like which are focused to help programmers practice their coding skills online. Moreover, there are a lot of coding challenges available here that can help you groom your skills and prepare yourself for technical interviews. The plus point of this platform is that, game mechanics are used here in coding thereby making it a fun. Do try once.


So once i have written my code how do i submit it so it becomes a website or app?


sorry im still new and getting to understand more. If i learn Javascript then i should download javascript platform to write the code there yes?